How To Get There to Koh Lipe

From Bangkok

         Travelling by plane

          Go to  the island within one day, you will need to catch an early morning flight from Bangkok to Hat Yai Airport.

          Morning flight with departure time at 7.00 am that make you have more time to prepare before connecting sea tranfer


                             DMK airport                           DMK airport

               From Hat Yai airport, at the arrival door heading to exit door 5 and 6 take a private taxi or a mini van bus and

                        another option you can walk across the street find the two row seat bus(blue color)

                           go to  “Tarad  Kaset station “ then take a mini van bus to Pakbara Pier in Satun.


         Hat yai airport              Hat yai airport              outside exit door

             The journey takes 2  hours. When you reach at Pakbara pier,you can buy your ticket from one of

the  company Andaman Speed Boat     to Koh Lipe

 In-land and sea  transport can be arranged with us to pick you up at


the airport connecting to Kho Lipe.


                  You can pick up boat ticket at  our  agency at Pakbara pier. 


Andaman Speed Boat Team

   Which we will inform you before.



                                                                         Pakbara Pier




              On plat form          Longtail booth ticket      Get on longtail boat      Platform to the beach

         Traveling by train

               You have to take south route from Bangkok  via Hat Yai. Trains  depart from” Hua Lamphong” railway station

                 in the evening and the journey takes about 15 hours. So you will arrive in Hat Yai early in the morning.

                 Hua lumphong

        Overnight train from Bangkok to Hat Yai, and arrive in Lipe the following day:

       * Hualampong Station in Bangkok to Hat Yai - Train No. 35 - Departs 2:45pm, Arrives 6:27am

       * Hualampong Station in Bangkok to Hat Yai - Train No. 37 - Departs 3:10pm, Arrives 7:13am

        Then, you will need to take a taxi or mini van bus to Pakbara pier. Also You can arrange with us to pick you up for all in-land and speed boat 

         tranfer  to kho Lipe.While you waiting for a speed boat or  ferry at   Pakbara pier, there are 7/11 mini store and restaurants  

         have launch and be sure to stock up all necessary  including snacks and some food for snorkeling tripe as prices are double on Koh Lipe. 


          Traveling by bus

         Taking a bus at The southern bus station from Bangkok to Pakbara pier. You have to take a bus to Satun Province, a journey

         take  about 13 hours, get off in the small district of La Ngu, before Satun town, and then take a local bus for the 15 minutes ride

         to the Pakbara pier.  You can arrange with us to have a speed boat ticket to Kho Lipe.

         Bus Schedule From Pakbara pier to Bangkok 

                                       Type                                    Departure                                        Price

                                      32 seats                                15.00                                              1200

          !!!  So enjoy your trip  !!!

               NOTE:  -At Pakbara pier 20 baht per person for Pakbara pier fee before get on the speed boat or Ferry

                 -When arrive at Koh Lipe all speed boat and Ferry will stop at the platform(pontoon) in front of the pattaya

                  or sunrise beach depend on the season. You have to buy 50 baht for long tail boat and  20 baht  gabage

                  returning trip     !!!!  “ For total 140 baht per person additional of all tranfer ticket” 

            PHUKET  TO LIPE

             You can take high speed ferries run by “Tigerline travel” and “Bundhaya speedboat” 

             go direct and daily to all Island in Andaman sea. We can arrange all tranfer from Phuket , Krabi , Trang  at airport or in   the city.


            LANGKAWI TO LIPE 

           You can  take a speed boat from Langkawi at Telaga Harbour marina run by “Satun Pakbara speed boat” and KauhJetty run

           by “Bundhaya speed boat” to Koh Lipe. (about. 1-1.30 hour)  Check for time table   and fare at 


                     Telaga habour                            Kuah  Jetty

          Telaga Harbor is locate on the west coast of Langkawi, only 15 minutes from  Langkawi airport and  30 minutes from Kuah Jetty.  Once , you are at the harbor office you will be taken through  immigration       procedures and your passport will be given to the driver for safe passage.

         The speedboat journey takes approx. 1-1.30 hour and will unload you on the platform at Pattaya Beach then you have to buy a longtail boat plus environment fee (70 Baht) get on the beach. At the immigration office one next to Bundhaya Resort and other next to Bunga resort.  Once the immigration procedures are complete, you are free to visit Koh Lipe and have a great time now.For those who coming from Penang,          you should travel to Langkawi for the speedboat, or to Satun province then go to Pakbara pier at Langu district in Thailand.